Major Works

Major Works:

N.B. A large number of my pieces are available for hire or to buy from the SOUNZ website. There are also recordings and videos of pieces and quite a few interviews about various pieces.
The Clockmaker (1978) Student opera based on the life and music of Carl Michael Bellman
Waituhi (1985) 
Libretto by Witi Ihimaera (Performed by VUW students and staff)
Tanz der 
Schwäne (1992) Libretto by Witi Ihimaera (Performed by VUW students and staff)
Black Ice (Libretto by Vincent O’Sullivan), (awaiting performance) based on the Rasputin’s role in the downfall of Czarist Russia
Brass Poppies Libretto by Vincent O’Sullivan. Video of performance

…of Memory… CD: Landscapes: New Zealand Orchestral Music (MMT2037)
Music for Jonny CD: Beauty Spot II NZSO (Universal 99072)

Symphony I APO Residency No recording available.

Symphony II Poems by Vincent O’Sullivan. APO Residency. Winner of SOUNZ Contemporary Award 2006 (NAXOS CD)

The Beginning of a New Story Written in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in 2007

Symphony III NZSM Residency. Premiered by APO. Winner of SOUNZ Contemporary Award 2009 (NAXOS CD)

Symphony IV To the memory of Mahinarangi Tocker – Premiered by the APO (conductor Brett Dean) in May 2011. (NAXOS CD)
Symphony V Premiered by Auckland Philharmonia (conductor Eckehard Stier) 2014 (NAXOS CD)
Symphony VI Premiered by Auckland Philharmonia (conductor Giordano Bellincampi) 2016

Brass Band:
Bremner Aria CD Brass Aotearoa (MMT 2049)

Labyrinth – Tuba Concerto (Winner of SOUNZ Contemporary Award 2005)
Violin Concerto No. 1 (Premiered by Anthony Marwood and NZSO at the ‘Made in New Zealand’ concert 2010) (NAXOS CD)
Cello Concerto (Premiered by Le-Wei Qin – cello and conductor Garry Walker with the APO May 2012) (NAXOS CD)

Chamber Music:

In memory G.B. (1985) for bassoon and piano

Dreams, Yellow Lions (1987) for Baritone and chamber ensemble

Three Rilke Songs (2000) for soprano clarinet and harp

Ricochet CD: Strike – New Zealand Percussion Music (MMT2030 Classical Album of the year 2001)
To the Memory of I. S. Totska 
Winner SOUNZ Contemporary Award 2000
Ka wawara te hau 
CD: Taurangi (MMT2063-64)
At the edge of Silence 
Finalist SOUNZ Contemporary Award 2004. Represented New Zealand at the International Association of Music Information Centres Gothenburg 2006
Fanitullin for solo violin Michael Hill Violin Competition 2007
Chaconne for solo viola Honourable mention SOUNZ Contemporary Award 2003
The Sleep of Reason 
Finalist SOUNZ Contemporary Award 2007
String Quartets I-V written for the New Zealand String Quartet Quartet III (Blood Red Roses), Quartet IV (Variation 25), Quartet V (Songs from Childhood)

Piano Quintet (2015) written for New Zealand String Quartet and Stephen de Pledge. Finalist in the SOUNZ Contemporary Award 2015
There may be light written for NZTrio and Julian Bliss

According to the Measure of Time written for the Kavinsky Trio 2021

Electronic Music:
To a Child Honourable Mention BOURGES Electronic Music Competition 1975

Piano Music:

Five Short Piano Pieces (1973)
Study in Blue and Green (Paekakariki)
Landscape with too few lovers (Landscape Preludes performed by Stephen de Pledge 2008 International Arts Festival)
Piano Music for Barry Williams premiered by Jian Liu in 2015 at the composer’s 70th birthday concert.

Wild Daisies (words by Bub Bridger)
The Floating Bride 
(words by Vincent O’Sullivan) Exists in piano and orchestral versions
The Abiding Tides (words by Vincent O’Sullivan) for soprano and string quartet.
Songs for Beatrice (words by Vincent O’Sullivan) for mezzo soprano and piano
Notes from the Front (words by VIncent O’Sullivan) for tenor, violin and piano

Choral Music:
Ave Maris Stella for 8 part choir
Vobiscum in Aeternum for 4 part choir
Requiem for the Fallen for string quartet, taonga puoro and 4 part choir (words – Vincent O’Sullivan)
If Blood be the Price for 4 part choir and brass band (words – Vincent O’Sullivan)